Bee Quick Cleaning



Multi-Purpose T-Cleaner – Aqua, Vinegar, sodium Citrate, Oil Blend, coconut water.

Granite Cleaner – Castile Soap, Benzyl Alcohol, Aqua, Essential oils blend, Calcium,

Window Cleaner –  Aqua, Oil blend, Vinegar, Benzyl, Calcium

Stainless Steel Polish – Rock Oil, Aqua, Glycerin, Arrowroot

Dustin Polish – Oil blend, Almond, Aqua, Arrowroot,

Floor Cleaner – Vinegar Wash with Lemon Oil, Murphy Oil Soap, floor cleaner provided by the homeowner.

Bon Ami, Softscrub (NO Bleach), Barkeepers Friend, Baking Soda,

Multi-Purpose, Granite and Window Cleaner are available for purchase through your cleaner.

Contact Teri for more information 303-246-2899